Did You Know?

  1. The fire department has the largest number of town employees, 58, almost more than all of the other Town departments combined in town The cost of the NBFD is the lowest in the state for similar departments according to a recent survey (2017)
  2. The fire department is the only town Department that does not have a full time manager
  3. When the current station was built, the town’s population was approximately 1640, the members of the Department responded to around 15 calls a year. Today the population is approximately 5600, the Department has 58 employees, 5 part time employees and responses are nearing 600 per year.
  4. The average size of a fire truck back in 1973 was significantly smaller than today’s vehicles.
  5. The Fire Chief has no office space and works out of his house, highly ineffective for leading on duty people
  6. The other 4 part time employees share one space either in the station or at the Town hall
  7. Facility wise, the current station has no well, it shares the well from the town hall, no septic system, it “borrows” the Community Church’s system, and one toilet, for 58 personnel.
  8. The drain system dumps all of its collected waste water into the Piscataquog River, this will one day become a major cost issue via fines from the State EPA. There is no place to use as an alternative solution at the site.
  9. Looking at the years 2007 to 2018 related to the financial activity of the Fire Department, the Department has been awarded $2,536,200 in grants that have directly reduced the tax burden to residents. During the same time period, 2007 to 2018 the total of all the budgets allocated to the Fire Department amounted to $2,565,854. Almost every dollar approved for budget was returned to tax payers in the form of cost avoidance grants.
  10. The NBFD has been recognized by the State and Manchester Healthcare Departments for their leading edge programs developed to ensure the safety of our residents
  11. The fire station is the foundation of a Department. One that provides even the most basic environment, that is considered safe, healthy, and adequate room can be a major part of recruiting new volunteer/call employees.
  12. Typically, once volunteer/call Departments approach 600-700 calls per year, the time strain this places on members tends to cause a reduction in active members. A new safe building will aid in the continuation of attracting new members.

We are doing our part, but we need your help to ensure the high quality, very cost effective services provided by the NBFD continues.