Q – How much will a new fire station cost?

A – The bond (Article 5) is in the amount of $2,750,000 at Town Vot-
ing Day on March 10, 2020, the 4th time this proposal has been on the ballot.

This bond will fund the construction of a new 10,264 square feet, 5-bay Fire Station (including site work and soft costs) on town-owned land adjacent to the Post Office.

This Station provides ample room for our fire equipment and includes a much-needed 1,080 square feet training room, as well as office space for Emergency Management and department staff, including the Fire Chief (who currently works out of a home office) and Fire Inspector.

Q – Is the proposed new station ready for full-time staffing?

A – No. The design of the proposed station allows for a future addition off the side of the building for staff living quarters should the town eventually need to go full-time in response to a growing population. To keep costs down and save taxpayer’s money, we feel it unnecessary to build this additional space as it is not needed at this time.

Q – Why now, and what will it cost?

A – Municipal 10-year bond rates are at near-record lows (1.47% in January), saving us tens of thousands on interest expenses. As well, construction costs increase $100,000 or
more each year we wait.

Q – We have a station, why do we need a new one?

The existing station has the following deficiencies:

  • A heated 46-year-old garage with no room for current/future needs
  • Requires est. $1-2 million to meet codes; only extends use by 5-10 years
  • Lacks facilities/storage in compliance with National Fire Protection Agency
  • Too-small bay doors require expensive custom-made apparatus (fire trucks)
  • No showers; carcinogens/soot/blood washed off at home
  • Drainage dumps into the Piscataquog River; requires $35,000 tank to meet EPA regulations and yearly funding to empty.

Q – What will the tax impact be for my family?

For a home assessed at $350,000, and using a higher rate of 2.25% on a 10-year bond, the yearly tax impact would be:

  • In 2021 = $196 ($.56/1,000)
  • In 2026 = $161 ($.46/1,000)
  • In 2030 = $147 ($.42/1,000)

Q – What will happen to the Old Fire Station if the Proposed New Station is approved?

A – The Old Fire Station is the property of the Town of New Boston not the Fire Department so it would be the responsibility of the Town to decide. The New Boston Fire Department has allocated funds within the proposal for the demolition of the old station.