What Lengths Do We Go to Make the Fireman’s Breakfast Safe?

There are two different environments that exist in the fire station.

There are two different environments that exist in the fire station.

First is when there’s a call for service and people rush to the station to get into their gear. At the same time trucks are starting up and filling the station with diesel smoke and fumes. So not only is the fire gear subject to diesel exhaust but the member’s day clothes are as well. Additionally, the members are breathing the smoke filled air, so for these reasons we believe it poses a health risk to our members.

Second environment is the breakfast. Listed below are the precautions that are taken before every breakfast.

  • The trucks are moved out of the bays 2 hours before the breakfast starts. The grill exhaust fan is running during this 2 hr. period, before customers arrive, pulling the air out of the apparatus bay area.
  • The floor is washed the day before the breakfast
  • All pots, pans, and containers that hold food are covered during the month and cleaned prior to use.
  • The grill is cleaned after every breakfast, twice covered throughout the month, and cleaned again before the breakfast.
  • Table cloths are put on all tables where people eat and wherever food is present including the cash register table which holds the plates, utensils, and napkins
  • All surfaces that hold food, like the steam table, or surfaces that are adjacent to the food are cleaned before every breakfast.
  • All food is in sealed containers prior to breakfast.
  • The kitchen and food preparation areas are cleaned prior to food preparation
  • Both coffee makers (the urn and the decaf coffee pot) are cleaned prior to use
  • The bathroom is scrubbed
  • Plans are being developed to move the racks of hanging fire gear to the back room

By continuing to take these precautions, the fire wards feel the breakfast poses no risk to the patrons who enjoy a good hearty Sunday morning breakfast now or during the past 25 years.